how am i maneuvering my tongue to accomplish this

That’s him! I mean, that’s me! These tenses are making me tense!

Relatively Painless is a webcomic about three friends living together in the big city, dealing with their demons. This goofy cartoonist/writer Tucker Wooley started writing and drawing the comic in mid-2016, and he is even writing this thing you’re reading right now! Wow! You can start reading the comic here. To keep up with comic updates, following the RP Tumblr is a good way to go; I also post update notifications and am generally vocal about the comic on its official Twitter and my personal Twitter. I’ve got a bunch of links to my various social media profile deals on my website. But yeah. Comic updates via the RP Tumblr and Twitter. You’re cool. Really, though. Ya cool kid.

Relatively Painless is also very much about mental illness! More about that here and here. For a list of current content warnings, click here (take care of yourself! and also, be warned of vague spoilers in said list!).

A typical page of Relatively Painless has two halves that work in tandem: the comic portion, and the prose below it. Both halves are fully intended to be read together. The text at the bottom is meant to be read after reading the comic portion, and before moving onto the next page; the text will often explain/contextualize what happened in the comic portion, and vice-versa. Some pages will have only the comic portion and some pages will have only text; when those happen, read em just how they are, it’s alright. Sometimes, panels of the comic will be animated; the gif will loop, so don’t worry if you missed a frame because it’s gonna come right back. Because of the occasional gif, please be mindful if you are sensitive to flashing images and colors. To see an archive of the comic and other navigational tips and tidbits, visit the “navigation” section in the menu! Also if you didn’t see the current content warnings, check those out too! Sorry for talking so long!